May 19, 2024

Remove devices or hidden devices on Windows

Remove devices from device manager on windows hidden or not.

Hi everyone i want to explain that how can you uninstall or device and hidden device on windows.

For run this command you need to Windows Device Console devcon.exe tool.

Download devcon from Microsoft

Run powershell as administrator

  1. Check the hidden device list on Powershell
    Get-PnpDevice -Status UNKNOWN | Out-GridView

2. Take “InstanceId” from the list

  1. Run devcon /r remove command

devcon /r remove ” if the device is hidden you have to put @ front of instanceid”

Example Command: (Example instanceid) = USB\VID_21EF&PID_B000\533

devcon /r remove "@USB\VID_21EF&PID_B000\533"

Also below script can uninstall hidden device as script .

Save the below command as hiddendeviceuninstall.ps1 and run it